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    hahaha....seriously though.

    So true.

    life's simple truth

    That awkward moment when someone asks you to tell more about yourself, and you're like OH GOD, WHO AM I?

    sounds about right


    That awkward moment you're trying to get over someone you were never dating. (It's not just for teens) Hahahaha. @BridgetSoup


    Story of my life

    Need to get this as a button, so I can just point to it when, in the middle of conversations, I have an Alzheimer's moment.

    Best believe it!

    You go, Pinterest! :)


    Lets hope

    Basically the whole package

    So true!



    Funny Weekend Ecard: Some say there aren't enough days in the week, I believe there aren't enough days in the weekend.

    Hahaha true story!!!