This should be posted.

There was a sign like this at the shop I got my last tattoo. So true!

The algebraic equation of love…

It is the algebraic equation that finishes a heart on a graph. I like this idea because I'm a math geek but I would get an algebraic equation that's answer would be "infinite solutions"

@Pinterest, You Are Drunk  She's and he will both hate that in 10 years

Too awesome for that…

This guy got his child’s drawing tattooed on him. :-) cherriedragon: “ Some parents put their kids drawings up on the fridge… ”

Love this!

Next Time Someone Questions Your Tattoo, Just Show Them This. Amazing.

Old people with tattoos really are badass. My mom is gonna be one of those badass old ladies with a tattoo.

Anatomical Heart Temporary Tattoo

Heart Chart

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Paper Planes

"white paper airplanes: symbol for travel." Tattly are temporary tattoos. I like the paper planes.