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When I was the 11th Doctor for Halloween at work, I quoted this line to some fellow whovians who asked me for some assistance. I grabbed the wife by the hand and she grabbed her husbands and we ran to the section of the store they needed to find. They loved it, and they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. :p

This was one of my favorite episodes! "I DONT KNOW!" Tenth doctor gif <-- The original fish face ladies and gentlemen.

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My Fandom - Sticker

Gee I wonder what fandom it's talking about 😑😑😑😑

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Harry potter, doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, merlin, lord of the rings, maximum ride, divergent.... I will use all of these!

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Me: *hugs* Them: "Aw thanks but I Better get going" Me: *hugs still* Them: "haha very funny but I must Fangirl" Me: *whispers* " Love me Feed me Never let go of me" Them: •_• wtf... Me:yo you get a hug you get a hug WE ALL GET HUGS *puts a fat hamster on your head*