wool painting tutorial

Renate Maile-Moskowitz and Laura Linton, a student in her class, demo how to make a felted flower with Wensleydale wool and wet felting technique. Students in "Felting: Expanding the Possibilities" also made hats, scarves, fascinators, and more!

by annasojanne ... layering wool in the manner of drawing without water

DIY Semi-Tutorial: Wool Felted "Painting"!

making a wool canvas for painting with wool

Wool picture tutorial.

www.nadinsmo.com -painting with wool Handmade wool felted clothes dress,100% handmade from pure super thin English merino wool and different silk by Nadin Smo design . Unique,modern and creative design .

'In the warmth of September' - by Galina Lozovaya - (wool painting, fiber, textile art)

Seasonal Coverage - Chic Fusion hand-felted shawl, made in Cape Town. #shawl #scarves #capes #fashion #style #CapeTown #madeinAfrica #InspiredLuxe #glocal #cultured #style #artisan

Tutorial pattern (PDF) in ENGLISH ----- Felted purse bag handbag with wool paint

Painting with wool... Nadin Smo design www.nadinsmo.com

Картина вышитая лентами `МАЛЬВА`. 'Мальвы мои нежные, мальвы мои страстные Стрелами цветочными в неба синь глядят. Розовые, свежие, трепетно - прекрасные, Тонкий запах радости пламенно дарят.' В детстве меня часто отправляли на лето в деревню, к бабушке.

How to make a wool painting for winter decorating

wool art

wool ready for felting

felted wool flowers

wool painting

Bundles and Eco-Printing on wool

Pink Druzi Wool Blanket

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