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Sorrento, Italy

The village of Pegrema, Republic of Karelia, Russia. This beautiful example of the wooden architecture was abandoned after the Russian Revolution.

Castles carved into the landscape (Basque Country, Spain)

Belgian pilot and photographer Henk van Rensbergen has been exploring abandoned places all his life

Swallow's Nest Castle, Crimea, Ukraine

Abandoned In time - Abandoned... Village in Scotland! Oh how I would love to go and walk thru this place.

El Hotel del Salto in Colombia 33 of the most beautiful abandoned places in the world. Some are beautiful... some are too creepy (i.e. Pripyat, Ukraine).

Nature is starting to reclaim this amazing main entrance of an abandoned castle in Scotland.

Abandoned Track, Berlin, Germany

Sorrento, Italy!


Sorrento, Italy I have actually been here.

30 of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins i’ve ever seen

Abandoned building in Vallone dei Mulini near Sorrento, Italy

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