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    so many parents need to remember this!


    The complete list of all who voted against VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act. Women of America - please remember this when you vote! Vote OUT the Republicans/GOP.

    Not one Republican voted for more jobs.

    I love this! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vote them all out!


    Women! Use Your Vote!


    Just something to remember...

    lobbyists or their companies money!?!

    TEABAGGER/REPUBLICAN PARTY...Women, when you are casting your vote this November, remember: this is today's GOP. #VOTE

    No one's marriage should require a vote.

    This guy is great!!!!!..VOTE TO SAVE YOURSELF, VOTE OUT the GOP in NOV!


    VOTE the GOP OUT!

    Tough to look at? Well remember this when you vote. VOTE THE GOP OUT!

    Paycheck Fairness: Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work!

    Women Senators