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"Hello, Clarice." I ate my last owners liver with "some fava beans and nice chianti" Hannibal the cat Evil!!!!

Paco doesn't quite understand that having a literary repertoire under one's belt doesn't mean literally sitting on a pile of books, but I appreciate his effort to share my interests.

Sanderson Omega Cats were adapted from a 1930s textile by Swedish designer, Victor Lindstrand. These silhouetted shapes of cats create a striking and witty wallpaper design for cat lovers everywhere. Use it to create a stunning statement wall. A complementary printed fabric design of the same name is also available.

Illustration by Mai Ohno (aka Denali)

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textured linear-stitch cardi, wearever cami, wearever button-trim slim crops & cap-toe skimmers

One of my worst nightmares !! The only way this could look more like a vision of hell is if they all had harlequin clown outfits on.....bluh I just gave myself the chills

Cat feeding her kittens in Santorini

Diggle tries to have a meaningful conversation with whatever-the-hell-that is. She's pretty sure it's a UFO. ~~ Houston Foodlovers