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Cool surrealist art

Surrealist sculptures

Surrealist Paintings

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B & W Vintage Photo of Man Surrounded by Surrealist Eyes. Pop Art, surrealist art.


I've always loved this. Surrealist photography is such a cool style.

Surrealistic painter: Vladimir Kush. I think I am gradually becoming a fan of surrealist paintings (now that I can actually identify paintings that are of the surrealist brand and NOT look foolishly ignorant about art)

1406; Takahiro Shimatsu

Bird Brain- surreal Collage Art by dollfacedesign

Fine Surrealist Art

Big Cat by SAM3, Hackney, London.

By M-E-S-A

This is surrealistic art, for my art work go tohttp://ninaohman4life.wordpress.com/

I love this surrealistic Venetian piazza painting by Brigid Marlin. #art #piazza #surrealistic #painting #gold #venice

The idea of reversed roles, why do thinks happen like they do? Each thing has it's 'ideal purpose'.

Alex Andreyev Surrealist Painting

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Collaboration with Tiffany Tan for Double-O art space entitled Gossamer, transient idyll of the woolgathers.