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  • Bryan Scruggs

    Noggle board with a pocket chart. Students multiply number neighbors to get as close to 100 as possible. Directions can be adapted for other operations.

  • Emile Andrade

    Rock & Teach: Monday Made It III The object of Noggle is to multiply number neighbors together to try and get as close as possible to 100.

  • Jennifer Herbert

    Rock & Teach: Math Boggle

  • Ms. A

    math game: NOGGLE - The object of Noggle is to multiply number neighbors together to try and get as close as possible to 100. For example I could multilply 3 x 6 = 18, 18 x 5 = 90 Pretty close! My hope is my students practice their multiplication and develop a better understanding of what a number is worth! And if you're wondering where I got the odd name of Noggle, here's my thought process: since the game is similar to Boggle except with Numbers, I took off the B and added an N.... :)

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Add It Up - Like Boggle, but with numbers! Students add any two numbers as many times as they can.

Great idea for early finishers -- could do this for any grade -- +,-,x, division! Love it!

My mind keeps thinking of all the ways I could use this set up in my classroom - adding (easy numbers at first, sets of 10, then double digits), letters (like boggle), at a station (make spelling words or put some word family endings on there instead of just letters). I keep thinking about how much fun Scramble with Friends has been this summer on my iPhone!

Noggle (Number Boggle) Sheet FREEBIE from Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

FREE Noggle (Number Boggle) Sheet product from Erin-B on

Math Boggle ... Kids choose two numbers that are next to each other, and perform the circled operation. Clever!

Noggle (Number Boggle) Worksheet FREEBIE! Inspired by Katie at Rock & Teach, this is my version of a tracking sheet for my students as we play our weekly game!

Here's a page for playing a Math Boggle game using both addition and subtraction. Could use for multiplication and division

Math Boggle Board MATH BOGGLE center....why didn't i think of that? mind blowing.

OMG this actually works! mind=blown

This is a one page document that can be used as part of a math journal. Teachers can choose a different number each day. Can be adjusted for older or younger kids.