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  • Dianne Smith-Harper

    Collaborize Classroom | Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students


    This application can be used on most any apple mobile devices. It is a safe and easy way for teachers and students to learn on the go while staying connected and involved with each other. Students are able to stay actively engaged in their school work at all times.

  • Kathy Carlson

    Adobe Collaborize Classroom - a free collaborative education platform for teachers and students

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Building Vocabulary.

REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!! DO NOT FORGET!!! Six questions to ask your kids throughout the first WEEK of school.

RAP anchor chart

A better way to deal with disruptive students in middle and high school. Print these out on quarter- or half- sheets and hand them to students who are off-task or disruptive. Or laminate a few and have dry- or wet-erase markers on hand. A behavior slip forces the student to think about their actions and how they can prevent them in the future, without taking up extra class time for discipline! Students are less likely to act up if they know they'll have to fill one of these out every time.

Teaching Science With Lynda: Grading Interactive Notebooks

For group work!! Sounds an alarm when the noise from your kids, classroom or office goes over a certain number of decibels.

Summarization Strategy called "the incredible shrinking notes". Students start out writing a summary of a reading selection on the large index card. Students are then given the medium sized card and have to take the information from the large card and condense it onto the medium sized card. Finally, students are given the small card and must take the information from the medium sized card and condense it further onto the small card. Great way for students to get to the main point/idea!

School Wide Bulletin Board in the cafeteria.

Eight Things That Should be at the Top of Teachers' To-Do Lists for the Beginning of the Year

The Rookie Teacher [dot] ca

This is a complete binder theme for ALL the Ontario Curriculum.There are extra blank pages for you to fill in as you see fit. I promise this will set the organization tone for your classroom resources & it's fun to look at.

First grade read aloud books. Chapter books to read to 6-8 year olds.

Status of the Class is a tool that I use in my classroom to engage, reinforce, and monitor my students reading habits. Heres how it works my classroom...- I keep a binder full of Status of the Class forms for each of my students. At the top of each page I record their names. - During our independent reading time, I flip through the pages and call out each students name, one at a time.

The order for teaching letter recognition, and why! Plus a ton of fun games and activities to have little ones learn the alphabet, letter sounds, and how to print in no time!

30 nature documentaries for kids - from animals to oceans, this is educational television you can feel good about your kids watching!

iPad apps for the classroom

Craft and DIY Ideas (15 Pics) hmm maybe with flower petals, pressed and dried after?

This is as close as it gets to a miracle solution for students' behavior problems, it's completely free, and it only takes 2 minutes a day.

Boring Moments: Whats expected/unexpected

Creating a Joyful Staff with Team Building a must read for principals and school leaders.

101 Chapter Books to read (or hear) before you grow up.

I have introduced this into my Special Day Class to talk about how big their problem is and different ways problems can be solved. I have created a big chart that is at the front of the class and each student has a small one on their desk. For students who are able to identify and write- I have created a slip where they identify how big their problem is and different ways they solved their problem.

You heard right. :) Practical tips for coding in the early grades.

Vocabulary instruction

Can use these pictures to describe what famous people used to be like (imperfecto) Famosos de jóvenes. Como han cambiado? Como son diferentes ahora?