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Lilly Ledbetter on the wage gap: Those pennies add up to real money. It’s real money for the little things like being able to take your kids to the movies and for the big things like sending them to college. It’s paying your rent this month and paying the mortgage in the future. It’s having savings for the bill you didn’t expect and savings for the dignified retirement you’ve earned.

49,000,000 million children depend on women's salaries. Support equal pay for equal work.

With so many American families relying on female breadwinners to contribute at least some part of the necessary income to maintain their households, it's imperative we close the both the housework gap and the wage gap, and help women access the top salaries.

A look at workplace gender inequality. Based on a recent Gallup poll, this graphic depicts employment gaps between men and women around the world.

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China's most incredible mother: Staggering story of the woman who saved 30 abandoned babies after finding them dumped in the street with the trash

Lou Xiaoying has been praised in China for saving more than 30 abandoned babies over the years Read more: