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WI Rep. Don Pridemore co-sponsor of WI’s Senate Bill 507 which directs the state to prepare educational materials that blame “nonmarital parenthood” for child abuse and neglect and “emphasize the role of fathers in the primary prevention” of same. This bill is clearly aimed at shaming and blaming single mothers. “Fathers” after all prevent harm to children, so logically the only parents left to cause it are... yes, those unmentionable women who have the babies w/o a wedding ring to show for…

Congressman Bart Stupak was willing to block healthcare reform unless his anti-abortion legislation was passed.

Virginia House Deputy Majority Leader Todd Gilbert said during debates for a bill that will require a woman seeking an abortion to undergo a vaginal ultrasound, “the vast majority of (abortions) are matters of lifestyle convenience.”

Rep. Burgess against abortion due to fetal masturbation. Beyond the fathomless stupidity of this, in his sexist world only males masturbate evidently.

What if there were 83 women senators? Sanders asks the question in response to Senator Blunt's amendment, which sought to limit preventative services for women.

Rep. Carl Wimmer of Utah, sponsored bill HB12 which ”describes the difference between abortion and criminal homicide of an unborn child and to remove prohibitions prosecution of a woman for killing an unborn child or committing criminal homicide of an unborn child.”” The bill could turn women who have miscarriages into murder suspects.