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Everyone I knew as a kid had these in their kitchen. They were always filled with flour. Or maybe coffee.

whose mom didn't have one of these? mine did!

Gotta love the 1980's! I made this statement necklace using vintage toy key rings from the 70's - 80's.

I loved this toy back in the 70's! It was fun until a sibling or such used crayons instead of chalk. Was never the same again.

Waterfuls Ring-Toss - I can't believe I forgot this ever existed. It was a staple in the 70s/80s toy repertoire.

Vintage Tupperware Pitcher...I have this in the mini version like for OJ no lid so I use it to rinse the soap off the dogs. I know I should be shot! LOL!!!

1960-70 fisher price stacking toy. My OCD is kicking in, one seems out of place. Hmmm

Tupperware tumblers from the 80's. Used them with sippy lids when my kids were small.