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[still developing caption--pic fits with emerald green thread throughout insta] PC: all credits go to the original photographer IG

Whatever happened to when everyone here was friends and always had something quirky to say and it was actually fun and people still commented on each others pins and people didn't care about followers like I miss   that


annietarasova: “ Breakfasting w the peach and - lovely to meet you girl 😊 IG: ”

- ̗̀Tu es Belle●Punkalina ̖́-

- ̗̀Tu es Belle●Punkalina ̖́-

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#coffee  .:. .:. Pour a cup and give me 5 minutes and 20 seconds. . .click the pin, watch the video, get involved.  .:. .:. image credit:  http://thepoetryofmaterialthings.tumblr.com/post/54531909375

My ultimate Iced Coffee~ strong black coffee~sweetened condensed milk. Allow coffee to cool to room temp. Fill a glass w/ coffee ice cubes, pour in the coffee, add a generous amount of the condensed milk.

Celebrate the Essence of you with a peaceful cup of hot chocolate or coffee. #PANDORATexas

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