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Stan Lee: Making more money from nerds than a bully at lunchtime. HA Katrina Alvarez Alvarez Piche' you should show your brother this lol

Mayim on why science is so cool. If you don't find your science classes cool, don't blame science, you probably have an unimaginative teacher. Transfer to another class.

Geeks vs Hipsters. Dunno if I agree with most of it, but it's certainly a conversation starter.

Geek vs Nerd...I don't agree with the movie split....I'm not smart enough to be a nerd though!

Are you a geek or a nerd? Either one is great for our #IT #Tech #internship opportunity in Ft. Myers!

From Urkel to Gleek, the continuing evolution of the Geek. #squishable #plush

Evolution of the geek. lol~ xP I will have to disagree about combining 'book geek' with 'Twilight' though...but that's just my opinion~.

are you a nerd? or are you a geek? ...i think i'm a combo of both actually...

funny-nerds-vs-geeks all these years I thought I was nerd, turns out I was wrong....Geek Power!

The difference between nerds and geeks! Cuz Nerds are the ones who are smart, like school(mostly), and a little odd. Geeks are into sci-fi books and movies, they like comics, possibly want to go to comic-con, and obsess over something no one gets(like a tv show or book)! So please learn the difference!!! I for one am a proud geek(under the correct regulations) :)