White German Shepherd Puppy! One day I'm going to get one and distance run with him (or her)!

Pretty Kitty



This pillow is so cute! I love how you can personalize it with your own dog's name "pronunciation" and "definition" so you can fit it with your dog's personality perfectly! This site has the greatest pet gifts or gifts for pet lovers!


Cutie pie

.Close-up cutie.




Yes this is one cute puppy, but you have to live thru the chewing/biting stage to get that super great dog! (I have a puppy right now if you couldn't tell-and it's lucky it's cute)

Full grown golden cocker retriever. They stay puppies forever! AWWWW

Lovely dog in the snow

Lol I love how people are all like, oh he's so cute! and I'm like, um dog. What, what, what are you doing? Like seriously. I know you know where they have been. And it's not pretty.

I want a bernese mountain pup so bad!