• Lizzo Mendez

    you know you're a whovian when | Tumblr <---well duh. I have my bags packed... ---- when not if

  • Hannah

    If I'm really lucky it'll be during Geometry so I can grab my Dr. Who friend who's in class at the other end of the hall

  • Erin Lee

    Doctor Who- I always listen for the Tardis! i would fallow the Doctor any were!

  • Kim P

    You know you're a Whovian when you have a plan for when the Tardis comes for you.

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Oh, come on! Did you not watch the episodes? The TARDIS was bucking & freaking out, TRYING to get rid of Jack, but she actually used up time & energy extending a force field to protect Clara.

Forgetting how to fly the TARDIS is waaaay down there on the list of crazy things that've happened after regeneration. -- Let's not forget the Sixth Doctor trying to strangle his companion.