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Ribbon dispenser from plastic bottles

Ribbon dispenser from 2 plastic soda bottles. Put a disk of cardboard cut from cereal boxes in between each ribbon roll. Thread ribbon rolls on a dowel. The rubber bands hold the bottle together and also holds down the ribbons

DIY Plastic Bottle Ribbon Dispenser

DIY Plastic Bottle Ribbon Dispenser DIY Plastic Bottle Ribbon Dispenser by diyforever

DIY Plastic Bottle Baskets DIY Projects                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Reciclando Galões de Plástico

Upcycle / repurpose plastic containers - Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty – 40 Pics

Große Pet - Flaschen als Aufbewahrung/Container für zb. Flipflops

Zapatero con botellas PET de 5 litros, what a great reuse for water bottles, organizing shoes

Porta nastrini

Creative way to store your washi. This craft uses stacked clothespins holding wooden sticks to hold up washi tape. You can get all the materials anywhere that sells craft items. Make sure to use wood glue to help this stick together better Mehr

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Drawer Storage System , #Drawer, #Furniture, #Upcycled

Upcycled Plastic Bottles Drawer Storage System

Upcycled plastic bottle drawer storage system in furniture diy with Upcycled Furniture Drawer Container. If you are really handy and have a lot of these plastic bottles whoa!

Plastic bottle trash cans! http://recycledawblog.blogs...

instead of trash cans, could be used as as tomato cage /warmer to protect my seedlings from squirrels and keep them warm etc? ==Plastic bottle trash cans!Can't find an original link

Reciclaje de botella de agua para hilos :)

DIY Thread Dispenser at The New Museum. I searched high and low for this to see instructions. My best guess is they opened the bottom to load the thread. It is a neat idea.

Love this idea for making your own storage racks for paper and best of all...it is cheap and you may already have the supplies laying around!

Make your own paper storage racks from a grid system and best of all.it is cheap and you may already have the supplies laying around!

Lámpara realizada con garrafas de plástico recicladas pet by Rosa Montesa - Lamps made out of recycled plastic bottles

Lamp made with 45 upcycled plastic bottles, easy to make and nice results. More information: Reciclado Creativo website !

Reutilizar bote de pringels

15 Cosas en las que un bote de Pringles se puede transformar

DIY this Classy Cotton Wool Disk ( make up remover) Holder from a Pringles Tube. Painted and decorated with glue on rhinestones (*^ー゚)b I have pringles can in the craft room!


10 trucos para tu refrigerador que te cambiarán la vida

Stand condiments upside-down in an egg carton - 13 Life Changing Fridge and Freezer Hacks

Reutilizar botellas, envases, latas y corchos

Easy Peasy Storage Container made from the bottoms of 2 two liter soda bottles. Just cut them from the top and invert one to become a topper,the other becomes the storage container.

50 maneiras criativas de reaproveitar coisas velhas

50 maneiras criativas de reaproveitar coisas velhas

Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser. Repurpose an empty ketchup bottle into a pancake batter dispenser and pour the right amount every time! It's also less messy and it makes it easier for making smiley face pancakes for the kids!

50 Soluciones prácticas y Tips económicos para el hogar. - Vida Lúcida

DIY Tip of the Day: Plastic bag dispenser. Plastic grocery bags turn up everywhere these days, so you might as well corral them for reuse. Simply cut the top and bottom off a two-liter bottle with a u (Decorated Bottle Plastic)

Achei umas peças lindíssimas feitas com as embalagens de batata frita. Eu já até passei aqui no blog dicas para o dia dos pais e uma PAP de...

Embalagens de Batata Frita, Como Reaproveitar