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Creme de chocolate com café.

Recipe Estilodevidafitness

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Veja a receita aqui ➡ #receita #receitasfit #recipe #EstiloDeVidaFitness #ComoDefinirCorpo #SegredoDefiniçãoMuscular

Theater Estilodevidafitness

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Confira a receita aqui #EstiloDeVidaFitness #ComoDefinirCorpo #SegredoDefiniçãoMuscular

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Veja a receita aqui ➡ #receita #recipe #receitasfit #EstiloDeVidaFitness #SegredoDefiniçãoMuscular

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TORTINHA FIT DE MARACUJÁ >>> Receita: massa são 4 colheres de sopa de aveia flocos finos e 1 clara de ovo( caso queira q fique docinho coloque um pouquinho de adoçante) mistura em uma tigela dps modele as forminhas( usei de silicone) . Leve ao forno a 200 graus por uns 06min.>>>Creme: 1 iogurte grego light de maracujá ( uso o da Nestlé - meu preferido, é mais consistente). Só esperar a massa esfriar colocar o iogurte e pronto!!! rende 2 tortinhas.

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Indian-Spiced Tomato and Egg Casserole

Cracked Tomatoes

Eggs Cracked

Casserole Starts

Egg Casserole

Dish Inspired

Indian Inspired

Nyt Recipes

Brunch Recipes


This dish, inspired by a traditional recipe from the Parsis, is possibly one of the most fragrant and vivid casseroles you’ll ever see. It starts with a highly spiced tomato sauce flavored with mint, green chiles and ginger. The sauce is then poured over a layer of sliced cooked fingerling potatoes and baked. At the end of the cooking time, wells are made in the sauce and eggs cracked into them to finish baking. (Photo: Andrew Scrivani for NYT)

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Veja a receita aqui ➡ #receitasfit #EstiloDeVidaFitness #SegredoDefiniçãoMuscular

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Confira a receita aqui Gostou? Compartilhe com seus amigos... #receitas #receitasfit #EstiloDeVidaFitness


Berry Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu You'Ll

Tiramisu Recipes

Fancy Luncheon

Ladies Luncheon

Melting Desserts

Fruit Desserts

Summer Cake Recipes

Layer Cake Recipes

Mixed Berry Tiramisu

The most STUNNING Berry Tiramisu you'll make - bring this to a party and watch people's eyes light up. Berry Tiramisu is SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE to make. Step-by-step photos! |

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Receita de Maionese de Inhame: sem glúten, sem leite, sem ovo e vegana! Ingredientes: ✅ 5 inhames ✅ 2 dentes de alho ✅ 3 xic de água ✅ 1 xic de azeite ✅ Suco de 1/2 limão ✅ Salsinha, cebolinha e sal a gosto Preparo: Cozinhar os inhames na pressão, descascá-los e bater no liquidificador com todos os outros ingredientes até ficar homogêneo. Geladeira e sucesso! Fonte:

NYT Cookingfrom NYT Cooking


Nigella'S Choco

Choco Hoto

Chocolate Liquid

Choose Chocolate

Sauce Chocolate

Dense Chocolate

Chocolate Morsels

Craving Chocolate

Chocolate Sponge

There is no dietary defense for these choco-hoto-pots: they're just good. Think ponds of molten chocolate sauce enclosed in chewy-topped, dense chocolate sponge. One can paint the lily here by adding a sprinkle of white chocolate morsels. (Photo: Jim Wilson/The New York Times)

NYT Cookingfrom NYT Cooking

Rigatoni and Cauliflower al Forno

Vegetarian Yummbly

Everyday Vegetarian

Vegetables And Rice

Gf Veggies

Pasta Pecorino

Pecorino Cheese

Format Pasta

Pasta Gnocchi

Eat Pasta

Cauliflower can stand up to rather bold seasoning. In this recipe, it gets garlic, sage, red pepper and capers. And it is browned in olive oil, which further enhances the flavor. If you want a terrific side vegetable, just serve the sautéed cauliflower and skip the rigatoni. But combining the cauliflower with large-format pasta, pecorino cheese and bread crumbs, then baking it until crisply golden, makes for a splendid meal. (Photo: Fred R. Conrad/NYT)

Happy Health blogfrom Happy Health blog

Jul 12 Raw mocha squares

Gob Stuffing

Stuffing Goodness

Photo Natalie

Natalie Yonan

Extreme Chocolate

Raw Chocolate

Chocolate Desserts

Vegan Moist

Raw Vegan

Mocha Squares, Kärleksmums, Snoddas, Love yummies - Gluten free, vegan, moist, rich, chocolaty and with a hint of freshly brewed coffee! Photo: Natalie Yonan

A Cookie Named Desirefrom A Cookie Named Desire

Black Forest Pie

Foody Desserts

Mouthwatering Desserts

Yum Pies

Feet Feet

Winter Baking Sweets

Vape Cartridges

Original Buttonless

Leak Vape

Buttonless Vape

A gorgeous black forest pie that is simple and utterly irresistible. It's so hard for me to stop at just one slice!

Healthier Foods

Healthy Stuff

Danger Zone

Veggie Girl

Eat Clean

Clean Eating

Yummy Ness

Food Photos

Beautiful Food

//: @Shannonleannee ~*❀*~

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Um bolo simples de banana e erva doce # A simple banana and fennel seeds cake (PRATOS E TRAVESSAS)

Stylist Photography

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Life Photography

And Fennel

Fennel Seed

Banana And

Simple Banana

Banana Fennel

Dessert Walkers

Banana and fennel seeds cake

Triple Crochet

Fav Crochet

Crochet Hints

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Crochet Work

Crafty Crochet

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This pattern introduces a new stitch technique called “cast on half triple crochet.” It is really easy to work and the pattern includes detailed close-up stitch photos to help you master the stitch. Includes alternate option of working the same stitch in back loops only to create a plush ribbed fabric. (3rd photo)

CDKitchenfrom CDKitchen

Watermelon Rind Candy

Watermelon Candy

Watermelon Rind Pickles Recipes

Watermelon Dessert Recipes

Slicing Watermelon

Dehydrating Watermelon

Watermelon Rind Preserves

Watermelon Chicken

Leftover Watermelon

Watermelon Rinds

Watermelon Rind Candy - I'm going to try and can this. Which means I won't strain or take out the lemon, until we want a treat. We'll see how this turns out

Laylita's Recipesfrom Laylita's Recipes

How to make empanada dough for baking

Empanadas Laylita

Empanadas Recette

Food Pies Tarts Empanadas

Empanadas Pastelitos

Empanadas Maison

Empanadas Panama

Pie Dough

Empanadas Homemade

How To Make Empanadas

Empanadas / handpies / turnovers (recipe) | laylita || DIM: 1lb beef, 1 large onion, garlic cloves, mushrooms spices - filled 21 pastries.

Fi Cookies

Space Cookies

Tough Cookies

Themed Cookies

Icing Cookies

Science Cakes

Science Cookies

Bananabakerycookies Photos

Boy Themed

Dishes Potato Salad

Slaws Pasta Potato Salads

Salads Potato Salads

Homemade Potato Salads

Salads Slaws

Salads Brunch

Salads Just Salads

Traditional Potatoe

Traditional Potato Salad Recipe

Para se deliciar com esta receita fácil e rápida, prepare uma salada de batatas. A receita para 4 pe... - Receitas sem Fronteiras