Lil rabbit :)

baby bunny

BABY bunny!

animals with hats part2 34 Funny: Animals with hats {Part 2}

Most adorable bunny EVER!he shall rule the internet one day....lets start with Pinterest! 😍👸

Another great find on #zulily! Bunny Love Print by trafalgar's square #zulilyfinds

We never thought we'd be the kind of people to share pictures of animals - but this is TOO cute. Animals with stuffed versions of themselves. Get ready for the "awwwws"!

I Felled Over

I just can't comprehend the cuteness here!!! I now desperately want a little fluffy bunny with dark adorable eyes<3

This rabbit feels like you always leave her out of your plans and she is beginning to wonder whether it mightn't be deliberate.

This bun who will only nap in decors that match his luscious gray coat. | 23 Bunnies Snoozin’