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Something cute you saw that suddenly gets suggested to everyone by pinterest, until you delete the pin because you're sick of seeing in your feed all the time. #hateyounewpinterest

We used to stop at a for a treat - and I'd get a coke float every time, since I didn't like root beer. So tasty...

vintage drinking straw packaging graphics. This ad depicts an American era. It has raciest connotations.

The Last Straw now I know where the camel in my grandmas nativity set came from

A&W; Megaphone was filled with a quart of Root Beer & then you had a megaphone to play with!

A & W Drive in..ultimate place to go with mom and dad..when they said hop in the car, i remember running to the car in our pajamas..ahhh to be a kid again ;)

A & W Rootbeer restaurant... the waitresses wore roller skates and clipped your order to the car door. They also had foot-long hot dogs...

My sister used to use this all the time. I'd watch her do her lashes and being sarcastic, I'd ask her "Soooo, how many lashes are you going to have today?" :P The higher the number the thicker your lashes will be and the more they stick together giving the illusion of less lashes! ;) lol I laughed, she didn't :P

Good times every Saturday Morning at the Roller Rink. Of course, with pom poms on my skates!!

You used to have to use a can opener to punch two holes in the top of the can so you could pour it

A & W Root Beer mugs. Uncle Matt owned an A & W and we would go there on Sunday after church and bring home a gallon of Root Beer to have floats later.