Myrtles Plantation-

Taken in 1979 in the home of a guitarist who killed himself. The photo was taken six months after the death. "My wife was acting goofy playing around with my bass guitar so I took a picture of her. When we got the pictures developed we saw the ghost in the chair. My guitar player killed himself in this house six months earlier and we believe it to be him. We had to move out of this house because of the intense activity, that started after we took this picture."

Resurrection Mary is a well-known Chicago area ghost story. The story takes place outside Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois, a few miles southwest of Chicago. Since the 1930s, several men driving northeast along Archer Avenue between the Willowbrook Ballroom and Resurrection Cemetery have reported picking up a young female hitchhiker. This young woman is dressed somewhat formally in a white party dress and is said to have light blond hair and blue eyes.

The Whaley House. According to "Americas Most Haunted", the house is the #1 most haunted house in the US.

Known variously as the Ozark Spook Light, the Hornet Ghost Light, the Joplin Ghost Light, the Devil’s Jack-O’-Lantern, and the Tri-State Spook Light it is, like the many other "will-o-wisps" lights, a mysterious glowing orb that has appeared regularly on this back road since approximately 1881, though some say it has been spotted by natives long before then.

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Famous genuine ghost photo. Ive seen this picture on a few TV shows at least twice. - Bing Images

This picture made the local newspapers in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a picture of the mansion (also called the Hannah house by locals) being moved. As you can see the house was boarded and there was nobody in the house. Yet, there is an image of a girl looking out of the window. The house is reputed to be very haunted and is on the top ten haunted places in USA.

The Most Haunted Places in America If You Are Interested in Ghost Activity, Visit These Places.

Tom Petty snapped this picture of Jim Morrison's grave site, which shows his image in the background. Considered an authentic ghost photo.

You can see through the hat of the circled figure. Interesting.

This photo was taken by a journalist during a car accident in a tunnel. He saw a spirit inside that car after the photo was printed out. This place was famous as a most haunted tunnel.

The McPike Mansion is listed as one of the most historic and haunted places in America...a.k.a. the Scooby House.

This photo of what is believed to be "The White Lady," taken at the Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Illinois has been subjected to examination by three different and independent experts through digitization and inspection of the pixels and has been determined to be genuine.?????But is it a person or a ghost?????

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Gettysburg, Pa. - ghostly figure looks like a soldier

▶ Ghost screaming in haunted hotel - FULL LENGTH - YouTube

Ghostly Photos That Will Keep You Up at Night


Sachs Bridge ghost photo taken at Gettysburg by Spirit Stalkers of Ohio. Yes, that is the ghost of a soldier on the right side of the picture.

True Hauntings of America: Ghost Pictures