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    Model Bakery’s Famous English Muffins Now Available Through Mail-Order

    Blueberry Muffins: Made these tonight for tomorrow's breakfast; so good!!!

    Bread Talk, a popular bakery from singapore._mount fuji swirl: sweet bun filled with whipped cream and a pandan coconut-like jam that is called kaya but i don't really think it is. still, very successful, imo, as the soft, white bread matched the cream and delicate filling well.

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    #3 Almond croissant._Paris Baguette is a South-Korean based French Boulangerie. It first began in 1988 at a single location and has grown to become the No. 1 franchise bakery in Korea. There are over 1,700 locations in 3 different countries and I’m not surprised. Almost every subway station in Seoul, there is a PB nearby.

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    The Model Bakery - St Helena & Napa

    Orwasher Bakery_Baked Daily, Baked Local_Many say it, we live it. Every day for nearly 100 years, we’ve been baking bread in our own bakery on Manhattans Upper East Side. Along the way, we became addicted to sourcing local ingredients and collaborating with local artisans. We do everything by hand, in the old style, which takes time, patience, and a nearly obsessive attention to detail. But what can we say, that’s just who we are.

    Napa Valley red wine grapes.

    Then we got a fruit platter to share._ Felt so good to finally eat some fruits in China._ Shanghai: Week 3 - Sasha's_ All of us loved Sasha's since it was located in the French Concession and the ambiance of the place was definitely unique since the building itself was fairly old. I forgot the architectural style but old European flair :] One of the most satisfying meal.

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    Wild Flour Bread Bakery - Wood Fired Brick Oven Baked Bread - Wildflour Freestone

    Best Topping – Balthazar Bakery’s Pistachio Doughnut

    Model Bakery English Muffins

    "Kogi" dog._ All-beef hot dog, kimchi, roasted shishito peppers, and chinese mustard. I'm sure they got their inspiration from Kogi BBQ haha but wow that chinese mustard really kicks in this dog. It was actually too much at certain point. Gotta ask for it on the side next time. The roasted peppers was amazing but itself. Really mild flavors.

    Fortunately, jerk chicken has found new wings just a few steps away, at a charming bakery called Little Miss Muffin N Her Stuffin. Here, Jamaican patties feature several types of meat-based filling, all of which are packed with much more flavor than their more classical counterparts at Christie’s. Little Miss Muffin’s jerk chicken patty sings with allspice and pepper, and their popular BBQ chicken patty abandons minced texture altogether for heavily glazed chunks of white and dark meat. It may n

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    Okonomiyaki._ I love their sauce. A little sweeter than usual.

    Last item, 紅油炒手 wonton in spicy chili oil._ You like wonton? Then you'll love this. Same chili oil as the noodle so it really gives the wonton a distinct flavor. The wonton filling is pork & chives, which is my favorite combination. Looking at it just gets your appetite going

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