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    • Josh Mills

      This is good stuff for working with kids. Introverts aren't always obvious to spot either because sometimes being loud and being extroverted aren't the same thing.

    • Michelle Rambo

      How to care for Introverts. Never really thought about it before but I think I'm raising an introvert. She needs me to remember these things...

    • Carmela Uy

      How To Care For Introverts #dailyquotes #quotes #quotesofaday #lovelyquotes #day #mothersday #mother #sadquotes #Happyquotes #funnyquotes

    • Kate Fylstra

      Even though I am an introvert, I have never thought about some of these things when it comes to raising my introvert.

    • Tiffany Winget

      This is goooooood stuff for working with kids. Introverts aren't always obvious to spot either because sometimes being loud and being extroverted aren't the same thing. #education #kids #infograph. (this works for husbands too!)

    • Chiao Kee Lim

      Just because I am one, I thought I would share this. Did you know, according to Myers-Briggs, approx. 75% of the population in the US are extroverts? Only 25% are introverts. This is a 12-bullet point list on how to care for us. Pass it on. Share with others, show the Extroverts how to care for their Introverted counterparts, and show the Introverts that they are being thought of. :)

    • Alicia Howard

      How to care for introverts. I wish more people would get this, it would make my life a lot easier....

    • Jewelie Mills

      Care and Handling for Your Introvert - so true :)

    • Pam Blackwell

      My design, but not my list. How to care for introverts. Since finding out that this design has gone viral, I’d like to add some background info: I’m the original designer of this poster. The list, however, is not mine - I just wanted to make it purty. It’s been floating around for several years now and is based on an article by Linda Kreger Silverman titled “On Introversion” - The reason it comes off as rather childish and simplistic is that it is a list designed to help teachers who have introverted children in their classroom. However, many of us introverts still fit the bill even in our later years, and you’d be surprised how many extroverts do NOT understand these things! Yes, these are “rules” that apply to all human beings, but for introverts they can sometimes be even more important. This image is now available as a poster and as a t-shirt (see below), and I’d be willing to put it on other products too if people are interested. Thanks to everyone who has been sharing this (holy crap it got all over the internet FAST). I’m happy to have breathed new life into an old list and I’m very glad it has gotten people thinking, whether or not they agree with it! -Becky Extroverts version: T-shirt: Poster:

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    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    makes sense


    Motherhood is choosing to not be narcissistic with your own needs, wants, and agenda. It's so easy for some mothers to turn a blind eye and claim ignorance instead of stepping out of the roll of, "friend" and into your job of, "Mom". I love that my kids know above all I will always lead them towards the right paths and I love them more than life itself.

    Yes, indeed.

    Love this

    It is so true. Get over it. Leave it for a better path.