hobby lobby cardboard letters painted with metal spraypaint. so light you can hang them with 3m sticky strips!

Best tutorial I have seen on how to make faux metal letters. Secret ingredient in this one.

SO making these letters, go to the craft store and buy them for $1 each, and spray paint them metal!

Make your own faux metal letters for a fraction of the cost!

Cork letters. These would be fun and really easy to make.

$30 DIY Headboard done with Cardboard and Fabric. This looks way cheaper and easier than making the big plywood one, especially if it's just going to be temporary. Might have to try it out.

EAT letters. sIMple kitchen decor

DIY art on burlap. By hand? Stencil? It's the theory behind the project that is so cool. Framing? Yep, expensive. Why not press it using starch onto a cardboard backing? Just sayin'...

letter in lantern...such a cute idea!!

Painted frame, scrapbook paper, Letter

Brightly painted frames, cardboard letters and loud scrapbook paper...

$5 mirror spray painted with chalkboard paint and hung on pantry door. Doing this!!!

now, where to find extra scrabble letters?

Cut up a cheap poster and mod podge it onto small canvases- looks like expensive art work :)

The bigger the letter, the more bottles of wine you must drink :)

So cute! I may even smile while I'm doing laundry... Laundry Room Wall Hangings

How to make chalkboard paint, can't believe it's that easy! It is so much cheaper than buying chalkboard paint!

Mod podge photo letter this would be cute around the house with each kids first letter of there name and pics of them.

Metal letters that you can add wine corks to. Only $6.95 a letter. like the letters i already made