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Teaching Addition with Popsicle Sticks

Addition & Subtraction Game

Lowercase to Uppercase spoon matching game. Cheap and fun.

Free Math Mats

addition for preschoolers

Parking lot addition is a fun math activity that uses toy cars and is perfect for Kindergarteners and kids working on their basic math skills.

oh my! how fun with colors, shapes, etc!

Popcorn math centers: equations, numbers to represent, etc Popcorn Lit centers: sight words to write, use in sentences, etc

Preschool Math Word Problems- use with counting bears....each child gets a baggy of 5 bears and an envelope. 5 bears are in your bag. Put 2 bears in the envelope. How many bears are left in your bag?

great for understanding addition!

Use unifix cubes to illustrate addition problems

Mickey Mouse Math Kindergarten Addition

Preschool math activities

addition cups

Blooming in First Grade: Halloween Math Centers for Common Core

1.OA Add and subtract within 20. This is a good way for students to practice their addition and subtraction. You can put any problem on the front sheet for the student to answer, not just doubles.

Add It Up! A Gross Motor Addition Game. Upcycle your summer beach balls into this math activity for Back to School.

Color by number pages for addition facts within 20

Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Math ~ Processes ~ Multiplicando ~

Math center games that are organized according to CCSS skills