I am such a geek, but I want this shirt so bad.

Free Bates

Free Bates!

Anna and Mr Bates

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Mr. Bates; professional badass

Mista Bates the younger. Be still my beating heart.

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Mr. Bates! Can't wait for season 3 downtown abbey

In the prison: LADY EDITH CRAWLEY: I don’t know how to say this, but I have loved you since I first set eyes on you. Oh, please understand, we can make one another so very, very happy! BATES: But I’m a valet, I’m married, and I’m stuck here in York Prison, serving a life sentence for murder. LADY EDITH CRAWLEY: Our situation may not be ideal, Bates – but are we not young enough to dream?!

K. Caldwell ++ photograph: Parker Fitzgerald <<~ that shirt is perfection

howling at the moon.

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