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Beginning of the year writing activity

(G) "I Wish" bulletin board. 'My school bulletin board for the month. We wrote "I Wish" poems then took pictures like we were blowing a dandelion. We cut them out and pasted them next to a dandelion that we made out of yarn and sticks. The kids loved it.

Hi, friends!  We're in the home stretch!  Just a few more weeks!  Since we just wrapped up our opinion unit, I thought I'd post all about how we used one of our favorite stories to learn all about wri

Get your little learners excited about opinion writing with "The Day the Crayons Quit" and this super cute crayon craftivity! Your kiddos are sure to be engaged as they complete this persuasive letter to their favorite color/colour!

Have students write their goals for the year on balloons - beginning of the year

Carried away with excitement for the new school year. Students write goals on balloons. Then, attach pictures of students being "carried away"!

I didn't realized these were as big as they turned out to be but that's what made them really fun. I...

End of the Year Projects


Word Art

Use words to "color" and form the objects. Could be a fun art challenge. Would be great sight word practice

rate your writing - student samples and visual rubric

A great visual rubric. I love this! It is so important for students to see models! Using a rubric scale to compare weak and strong writing models is a great way for students to begin to reflect on their own writing!

ZooPals Animal Reports-easy to begin to model how to write a non-fiction research report at the beginning of the year.

Animal Report - non fiction writing - informational writing - Paper plate animal writing - 4 pages a ___ looks like a ____ eats a ____ lives cool facts about ____.

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity

The students take pictures and write about their favorite thing about themselves. Good confident boost activity and getting students to write.

Loving to Write! as seen on Kindergarten Klub

growingkinders: Journal paper with checklist at bottom of each page (finger spaces, word wall words, capital, punctuation)

love this!

Creative Writing - Trapped in a Snow Globe! Use a clear plastic bowl for the globe and Epsom salt for the snow. Have students write their own stories for what would happen if they were stuck in a snow globe.