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    I have gotten to this point! Who the hell WANTS to squat in the woods with weeds tickling your butt, sleep in filth, smell like smoke and bug spray and sweat all day? Not ME! Over it!

    oh, misha...

    Black Swanson

    I may talk about my diet too much...


    Candice Landreneau

    This is me.


    cat scientist :3

    That's Republican. We count those. ♥ Jack Donaghy

    Supernatural is a lifestyle

    Time to settle this DiCaprio thing once and for all…

    Wow. Yes. Candice Landreneau How's that for a diet?

    Geez Lilith Kate Avery

    15 Reasons Dean Winchester From "Supernatural" Is The Perfect Man. Candice Landreneau

    you know he would every time

    I never noticed all of the couples Sheldon listed! Dean and Castiel!

    Girl's Guide To Navigating the Wine List | GirlsGuideTo

    We must squat!

    Candice Landreneau

    Yes... Yes it does.

    What do you call a zombie prostitute? A street walker. A street walker, Carl.