Just found this beautiful work. Anyone know who made it? Click twice to watch the animation.


Hand embroidered portrait of David Hockney

Mathew DiVito - Amazing gifs

hushaby: Faboosh, Part 2 Art Print by Eugenia Loli | Society6


Hand Drawn Rotoscoping Gifs and Other Animation Experiments by Matthias Brown gifs animation

primary colors / color theory and color wheel art reference

Embroidered Landscapes and Plants by Ana Teresa Barboza textiles landscapes embroidery


Cool Animated Gifs

takahiro shimatsu

155 Years Before the First Animated Gif, Joseph Plateau Set Images in Motion with the Phenakistoscope history gifs animation

Western Spaghetti by PES

FLRN GIF #animation #motion #gif

Gif Animation //

dance party gif (aka, best gif ever)


Fox ADHD Gifs olivia when

Run Corgi Run GIF by Jin Yuan / McIdea

psychedelyc animated gif, animated gif showcase Freedownload, davidope, psychedelic animated gif black and white, under construction blog