diy tissue trees.

Tissue Christmas Trees tutorial from Creative Mommas. These make darling centerpieces/Christmas decor. I did it!

Glitter candles with double sided tape

DIY :: Glitter holiday candles with double sided tape.double sided tape for anything

Tissue paper Christmas trees

One thing that I just can’t break the habit of hoarding is tissue paper….Sooooo, I figured out a way to put all that tissue paper to a good use. I made Christmas trees out of tissue paper, and it was soooo easy! View This Tutorial

yarn wrapped cone with pom poms

Idea to use the styrofoam tree I just bought, add a cheap candlestick and either cover with glitter or tinsel (from 21 Stylish Christmas Craft Ideas - Decoholic).

Modge podge & tissue paper Christmas ornaments. So cute!.

Modge podge tissue paper ornaments- probably not animal prints, but I do get to start from scratch with Christmas decorations this year