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First thing I notice in this picture is that he is stepping with the wrong foot. I'm definitely a softball player! (:

I don't know who you are but you do great justice for baseball players...

Baseball players...why don't they all look like this? Delicious.

Thank You Lord for Baseball Pants Amen Morgan Brownfield because you love me.

Baseball Boys, yes indeed!! I want one for Christmas please!! :))

did i ever mention how much i love baseball boys?

if they played like this i would be watching a lot more espn and not bitch at my husband to change the channel

I think we should all take a moment to thank God for baseball pants...and baseball players~ yes and Amen!!

let us take a moment to thank God for baseball players and their baseball pants ♥

one of the reasons im excited for baseball to be coming to ec... too bad admissions doesnt allow people like this to come to school here...

"God bless baseball players."

lets just all agree that baseball boys are hot!