scouting; my brownie and jr girl scout outfits never looked like

1968 Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts Badges

Mystery Date is a 1965 board game from the Milton Bradley Company, designed by Marvin Glass. It was marketed to girls 6 to 14 years of age.

Chapel Veil Wore these to Mass when we went with the school.

Junior Girl Scout Handbook...mine looked just like this.

THAT Girl!!!

I remember....

TOYS AND GAMES OF THE 1960′s | ZippyBites

Remember Things From The Past | ... Sticks. Anyone old enough to remember these two treats from the 60s

Jumping over elastic band. All the girls were into this game.

Vintage Girl Scout 1986 1993 Brownie Uniform Jumper Shirt Tie Hat Sash Official | eBay ( I wore every thing but the hat)

Brownie beanie

I really do miss these!! :]

Always wore dresses like this to school, girls were not allowed to wear pants. In the winter we wore pants under our dresses and took them off when we got to school.

Fun With Our Friends - I remember reading this years another life.

Remember This? Holly Hobbie <3

Girl Scout Uniforms

Girl Scouts

Sears Catalog

70's ...