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    3y Saved to Need a Laugh
    • Sydney Purnell

      The boy who lived The girl on fire The girl who did nothing This is so true. My two favorite series(hunger games and harry potter) and then well............lets just say twilight isnt even close to how good.the other two are.

    • lauren dumas

      Hunger games vs. Harry Potter vs. twilight. At least we all know who the loser is... so true and funny

    • Maya Cazares

      Lol. I love Harry potter, hunger games, and twilight, but you have to admit: this is so true and hilarious!

    • Tammy Tate

      Harry Potter vs. The Hunger Games vs. Twilight.... see no, I can't agree with this fully because Bella was the girl who had the ultimate defense mechanism that greatly hindered the Volturi... she was "The Shield"

    • caitlin smith

      Haha, yup! Harry potter vs. the hunger games vs. twilight I love all these movies but this is hilarious!

    • Frisky Fracas

      Harry Potter vs. The Hunger Games vs. Twilight. To me, Bella will always be "the girl who creamed herself at the very sight of a manic depressive old cannibal"

    • Pam Kuhn

      Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight. the boy who lived the girl on fire The girl who fell in love

    • Ronica Arntzen

      The boy who lived. The girl on fire. The girl who did nothing. #harrypotter #hungergames #twilight

    • rheannon howell

      Harry potter vs. the hunger games vs. twilight... but I still like the movies..

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    Hahaha!! XD

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