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¨Pastelitos de perro

This represents the food in honduras they grow all there food it comes straight from the garden!

░ Pan de Coco (Honduras)

Honduras food

Pupusas Honduras, C.A.

traje tipico de HONDURAS

Baleadas Honduras food!

Pupusas: From the streets of El Salvador and Honduras, these are masa 'cakes' with a filling that is fried. The usual fillings are meat or cheese but there is no reason why beans etc could not be used.

Honduran Sopa de Res


Pollo con tajadas Honduras food :)

Mojarra frita. #honduras #food

Tajadas de platano : These fried ripened plantain slices are customary in most typical meals In Honduras, Venezuela and Central Colombia. They make a great takeaway food with fried chicken. In Nicaragua, tajadas are traditionally served with fried pork.

Baleadas Recipe (Honduran flour tortillas with beans and cheese) | Honduras | Whats4Eats - A quick and satisfying breakfast or evening meal, baleadas are thick flour tortillas folded over a variety of fillings. The most common filling for baleadas is a simple mix of beans, cheese and the Honduran-style sour cream known as mantequilla.

Dinner Honduras

Sopa de Mariscos! Tela, Honduras

Honduran Enchiladas.. (these are really similar, but I have Flor's recipe too.. but she put no measurements or times or steps haha so it's all guessing and taste testing.. :)

Sea food Soup. Honduras's Style

Nances-fruta de Honduras

Yuca frita, or deep-fried yuca, often accompanies chicharon

honduras traditional food/ Tortillas de maiz