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  • Guillermo Vecchio Milovich

    Lighthouse in high waves photos are so stunning. How can it hold up to the waves??

  • Larissa Smith

    the storm. #lighthouse #ocean #waves

  • Debbie Schluter

    Old Lighthouse under Storm Attack | Amazing Pictures - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World

  • Dawn Bradley

    the storm bit scary in that light house

  • Peter Korper

    The Storm at the Lighthouse~ L ooking far out on the ocean I magine a ship sailing a G reat distance in order to get H ome. I imagine it has T raveled to many ports, it H as had a long voyage O f peace and calm... U ntil now! Below me are S trong winds and E xtreme seas - hazardous homecoming.

  • Robert Connelly

    Places to visit with cool lighthouses.

  • Dawn Mena (Captivating Copy)

    Love lighthouses. You can just feel the power of both the lighthouse and the ocean in this photo.

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