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Stampin' Up!
Stampin' Up! • 2 years ago

The man who says it can't be done should not interrupt the woman doing it.

  • Renee Ondrajka, Independent Stampin'Up! Demonstrator

    I loved it and so did my hubby. We both thought it was funny and took it for the tongue in cheek way it was intended. Life is way too short to make mountains out of mole hills. Keep up the good work SU! You are a fine company.

  • Becky Hill
    Becky Hill • 2 years ago

    I can't believe that anyone would get offended by this. Give me a Flippin' break!! I guess some people have to much time on their hands, so they find things to offend them so they can complain. Stampin' Up is awesome!

  • Paula Wright
    Paula Wright • 2 years ago

    It doesn't generalize against all men. Just those that say "it can't be done." I wouldn't be offended at all if the genders were flipped because I'm one of those that never says "It can't be done." At convention they told us these ads are all about name recognition and appealing to a younger crowd. I think they are fun and accomplish their goal.

  • GrammyCliffie
    GrammyCliffie • 2 years ago

    I'm very surprised by the people commenting that this ad is Fun and it accomplished it's goal. I would never like to believe that SU!'s goal was to offend our male demo's or that any SU! demo would think it's "fun" to hurt others. I'm not sure who has been involved with their marketing lately but, I think the way this ad is written is offensive, and I was offended by the MDS2 ad too...sterotyping a woman at home "ironing"??? I hardly know any one that irons anymore, except for myself...certainly NO 30 year old women that I know. And that is who SU! says is the market that they are trying to reach. Again, the ad is also offensive (besides the fact that it is a horrible looking picture!) And don't get me started on the horrific Stampin Success Sept 2012. I almost threw it in the trash before I realized it was from SU! What were they thinking??? I want to apologize to our male demo's that were offended...I thought SU! was more compassionate than these new ads.

  • Rob Krete
    Rob Krete • 2 years ago

    Hey everybody. I am a male demo and I personally take no offence to this ad. I love it! I do not feel in any way that this is a slam at men at all. I will say this though; when I attended Hamilton's regionals this past month Shelli personally came to me to ask how I felt. I told her the same thing. I think this ad is funny. The fact that Shelli was concerned about my feelings towards this ad meant a lot. She does not want any of us male/female to feel offended by anything SU is doing. We should all know this! To those who are offended I feel you need only look at this as a thought provoker. Remember what SU is and what it stands for, SU is not an offensive product.

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