MUST READ FOR ALL FUTURE BRIDES. This is where you can buy supplies for your wedding from other brides. Lets say you bought 60 green table clothes because it was cheaper than renting, you go here to sell it to another bride who can use them and save everyone some money on items that would otherwise be thrown out or collecting dust. Yes yes yes!!!

How did I not know about this website...?! Bulk/Wholesale wedding supplies, but open to the public. DEFINITELY one of my resources for decorations now!

This website has a "Recycle Your Wedding" section where brides can sell decorations from their wedding.

Wish they'd had this when I got married! This is a site where brides can sell all of the leftovers from their weddings. I will be looking here before I buy anything in bulk!

buy rhinestones from Michael's or Hobby Lobby, glue them with a hot glue gun or gorilla glue and voila!

This site has a ton of great wedding supplies at whole sale prices!

10 Biggest Things Brides Forget, but need to remember

emergency kit

dip cheap white candles in crayons that match your wedding colors

Pick Any 6 #BRIDAL / #WEDDING SHIRTS (Bride, MRS, Maid/Matron of Honor, Bride's Entourage, etc!) & Get 15% Off Bundle Deal + FREE MRS. Tote by #NobullWomanApparel, for only $127.95! Click here to buy

DIY Floral Bouquets, Centerpieces and Boutonnieres ~Great way to save $$$

I will try not to forget the bathrooms at my reception!

Inexpensive DIY Personalized Napkins - a realistic DIY task any bride can conquer.


on tables

white for bride and then the purples get darker with each bridesmaid

How to put together a wedding planning notebook. This is the most helpful and in depth description I have read yet! EVERY bride needs this if they want to be really organized. @ Wedding Day Pins : You're #1 Source for Wedding Pins!Wedding Day Pins : You're #1 Source for Wedding Pins!

At the bottom of the cake, hide whatever the groom likes...sports mascot, band logo, anything. Because it's his day too and he deserves a little something!

How to stay within a wedding budget