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Sam Winchester...

Supernatural valentine - Gurl imma hunt you down this valentine - Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki

Hahahaha whaaaat?

Yup the noise I made when viewing this wasn't natural either and now my cousins are looking at me weirdly>>>guess you can say the noise was, unnatural

TVShow Time - Supernatural S11E07 - Plush

TVShow Time - Supernatural - Plush <<-- I can relate, though. Clowns ARE creepy AF

Sam, Sammi, Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester is the killer you don't want to meet. Sam Winchester is the guy that will never stop hunting you if you hurt his family. Sam Winchester is not a nice man.

Motivating a Potterhead. Level: Sam Winchester. Yes.

Motivating a Potterhead. Level: Sam Winchester.

This man..

Jared with great Padahair eating octo-pumpkin grape OMG. I have never heard of an octo - pumpkin grape.


Wish the boys licked knives more. Especially if they were licking each other's blood off of a knife.