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"This is my very first hand-carved stamp that I made at Stampin' Up! Convention right after they unveiled the new UNDEFINED STAMP CARVING KIT! I chose to make a flag with the St. George's Cross... which represents England... which we use in a club called Knights of the Northern Realm (14th century living history club - see pics). Now when we hold a family festival I will use the stazon ink pad to stamp the hands of people to show they have paid for their tickets!" Alana Jean-Louis

Popcorn Stamp- made with the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit.

The Undefined Stamp Carving kit from Stampin' Up! What will you create?

Flower stamp carved with the Undefined Carving Kit

from Etsy

Black Spotted Feather Hand Carved Stamp

hand carved feather stamp #undefined

Carved my first stamp using Stampin' Up's "Undefined" carving kit. Way too cool and you do NOT need to be able to draw!

I made this stamp as a gift for a very talented young musician! It is his twitter account that he can use with the stazon ink pad to 'tattoo' people's hands! It can show they have paid for tickets - or just be fun advertising! The tatoo'd person can brag about John's music! I will also give him a Stampin' Up! half-sized wood mount stamp box to keep the stamp and ink pad together at all times. TIP: carving letters are more advanced than carving images. Practicing on images first.