Angel wings carved by Tanja Kolar

hand carved stamp

Stacey Lisk shared the beautiful dragonfly she carved with the Undefined kit.

*japanese stand carving knife set. set of 3 blades. *they are designed to make hand carved rubber stamps. *the blades are - chisel blade

Catherine Stockley carved these Mickey and Minnie stamps

Star stamp carved by Tanja Kolar

Wreath stamp carved by Tanja Kolar

Box stamp carved by Miranda Mols Get your Undefined Stamp Carving kit at

Stamp carving tutorial

carving your own stamps

carved stamp

hand carved stamps

stamp carving tutorial (;

Stamp Carving Tutorial

Hand carved stamp = fern.

Stamp Carving

Stamps carved by Tanja Erichsen

stamp carving. birds + leaves

hand carved stamps

Stamp Carving Tutorial

Carved bird stamp.