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    Chocolate Understands sure was...until I figured out that the A-hole inner critic was the voice of my father inside my head...telling me I was never good enough. Whoa...once I realized that I unplugged from his programming and put a plug in that mind-energy leak for good! Shut up! Put a sock in it worked for me.

    I feel like one day I should have this written on my fridge, or at least printed out and stuck on the fridge because it's pretty true.

    Chocolate comes from cocoa which is a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad. The end. #deathbychocolate

    Not true Row....all you need is love, family and a true sense of self. A billion dollars could never give you that. Always remember your Mom loves you...forever and always.


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    I may look calm but in my head ive killed you 3 times life quotes quotes quote instagram instagram pictures instagram quotes instagram images

    Well if it's worth doing...

    Monday basic bitch lol #quotes #funny LOL @Marquita Davis

    No...that's what a PREGNANT GIRL wants to hear. What a girl wants to hear is, "I love you, Princess (or Valkyrie if you're a VIking)." lol XD

    But not in a creepy, Lifetime-movie kind of way. In a much more sophisticated looking-at-you-makes-me-smile kind of way. That's much better, right? Right?!

    my life philosophy. #chocolate #philosophy #life #funny #humor #beyercdjr #newjersey #morristown #nj it HSP/INFJ/Introvert...there's just something about the allure of not doing something you 'should' be doing.


    THANK YOU! No one seems to understand this!

    too many tabs open #mind :)

    "Admit it.. Life would be so boring without me." #funny #quote #saying yes

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    Haha Totally!