Chocolate Understands

Happy birthday! #cake #birthday #celebrate #frosting #words #saying

Sad but true


I feel like one day I should have this written on my fridge, or at least printed out and stuck on the fridge because it's pretty true.

Where did the weekend go? It can't nearly be Monday already! #weekend #monday #work #timeflies #backtowork #boring


YES, then you will know that I need you because I love you, and not love you because I need you.

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This is so true! Except we do wear pants...just not real pants. The house rule is:if I'm home, I'm wearing my pajamas.

I may look calm but in my head ive killed you 3 times life quotes quotes quote instagram instagram pictures instagram quotes instagram images

HA :)

The Hello Blog: I Do Not Care

come on, there's nothing like a classic 'that's what she said' joke to trigger that, ahem, sexy imagination #happy #dirtymind #sexyimagination #jokes #laughs

typeverything: - Chocolate poster by Albin Holmqvist. (via Now you’re cooking)

Chocolate comes from cocoa which is a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad. The end. #deathbychocolate

You don't even understand!! Bring food and you can get mostly any girl!!! This is totally me!!!

I tell satan to go to Hell, I tell Jesus I'm in love with Him, I ask my Papa for forgiveness while I'm doing saying inappropriate things/behaviors.