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'Play with shelters cats from the computer (16 May 2012).' What a thoroughly innovative idea for increasing adoptions! Kudos to the Kong Co.!

Adoptions Up, Euthanasia Down at Shelters in March (19 Apr 2012). This is GREAT news! Kudos to everyone who's ever done anything to help change this dynamic; keep up the good work!!

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

The seven-year-old boy trapped in a silent world... until his cat Jessi taught him to speak

'The seven-year-boy trapped in a silent world... until his cat Jessi taught him to speak (12 Sep 2012).' A beautiful story about a lonely boy and a very special cat. ♥


Guitar Cat… #funny_cat_photos #funny_animals #funny_pictures

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LOOK: Cat Adopts Baby Raccoon

Mother Cat, J.J., Adopts Baby Raccoon, Bandit, As Her Own (3 Apr 2012).

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Community Post: The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

A place (any place) for a good nap!

CAT ENCLOSURE. DIY project to keep your cats safe. Definitely an interesting idea.

'Sand Kittens Storming The Web (20 Aug 2012).' More wild cat kittens. Note as you listen - the reporter didn't do her homework, as these cats are neither extinct nor the sole desert-dwelling species. For instance, one of the ancestors to our own house cats, the Black-Footed African Cat, lives in the South African deserts. Read more here:

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Inspiring Story Of Interspecies Parenting Features Minnesota Dog And Her Adopted Kitten

'Mittens, Exceptionally Maternal Pekingese, Adopts, Nurses Tiny Orphaned Kitten (25 Sep 2012). A delightfully heartwarming story!

Shelter cat using the Paint for Cats app. The shelter was so impressed with the feline illustrations, it turned them into notecards and is selling them online for six bucks a pack. I don't know if I'd call this art. If people like this cat's paw prints so much, I wonder who will adopt this kitty and put it to work. I can imagine an entire line of cats running around a room full of iPads in a mini sweatshop. They'll have to see how Apple does it for inspiration