• Mommyof2

    Bert Lahr in The Wizard of Oz as Cowardly Lion 8x10 Photo 001 Ebay $3.49

  • Jack Frost

    Bert Lahr (born Irving Lahrheim; August 13, 1895 – December 4, 1967) was an American actor and comedian. Lahr is remembered today for his roles as the Cowardly Lion and Kansas farmworker Zeke in the film The Wizard of Oz (1939), but was also well known for work in burlesque, vaudeville, and on Broadway.

  • Amanda Mellon

    www.doctormacro.com | #wizardofoz

  • Patricia Huff

    The Wizard of Oz - The Cowardly Lion. S) She loved to watch this movie with us children!

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