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They are always watching, especially when we don't realize it.

Be positive role models for your children. Don't forget—Actions speak louder than words. and you are always teaching your kids. Lead by example, being a model in word and deed. Both parents set the tone and pace for their children’s success.

That's my Boy

I first read this in a store that had a huge selection of wall sticker quotes for little girls, all were very mushy and beautiful. This was the only one for my new 4 lb boy in the NICU. Not funny at the time.but boy oh boy, did he grow to show me it is


(Parenting Quote) So true, As a former teacher, this quote is always a brutal reminder. Have you ever experienced this? They may get on your nerves the most, but they may also need you the most too.

I hope my children realize that I love them so much and I want to protect them from the bad things of this world. Love Them so Much xoxo

My children may not have everything they want in life, but they have a mom who loves them more than anything in the world. Visit Joy of Mom ♥!

Ugh, but his dad exposes him to his whore.. How do i counter that influence???

Ugh, but his dad exposes him to his whore.. How do i counter that influence???

Speak kind words often

Be mindful of what you say to children. Harsh criticism, careless words, and unfair judgments all damage children to a far greater degree than most adults realize. I cringe whenever I heard parents called their kids stupid.

Mommy tummy...amen to that! Was looking up tummy wrap info and found this...great reminder of what is most important :)

Absolutely love this. Pregnant women/mothers should never think they aren't beautiful because of stretch marks. Those stretch marks are the result of the most beautiful thing a woman can do: give life:)


Always! I pray to be half the mother I had! My children will always know at whatever point they are in life they can come home to me. I love all my children. I am always here!

I sincerely tell myself this every single day.   Never rush your kids or will never get one single minute back!

Every mom should read this and remember time with their kids is valuable. You only get one mom, and your kids only grow up one time. Enjoy each other's time together.

doing this...and will try to wipe away the tears as i edit b's photo.

Kelly, I want this on a picture of my boys! Being a mom to you is the best adventure! ♥ I need a picture of my kiddo with this saying!

My Liam opened up a new world to me. And everyday is an adventure. But I wouldnt trade it for all the money in the world.

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Newspaper Hat - little boy photo idea. incorporate into Cooper's photo shoot?