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yes...there is must know how it works...

-If you are interested in making the investment..make me feel I am worth pursuing... That you're not ashamed of me in your life ... that your proud to be my friend or only applauding me on Facebook and neglecting me in private ... That chaps my ass

the blood of love welled up in my heart with a s l o w pain...

this qoute describes me.i would open up wonderfully if you knew how to treat me.ufortunately,many people don't.they disrepect me in some way and piss me off,and when that happens,i close up very quickly.i don't feel like letting anyone in at this remember,try being nice to an interest in me.if you do,you might be pleasently suprised.

I hurl my heart to halt his pace. - Sylvia Plath, Pursuit

I normally have this bored look on my face, but never with OYANers so you guys don't see that side of me :P

One of my all-time favorite poems. ~ Mad Girl's Love Song ~ Sylvia Plath #SylviaPlath #poetryclassics #TheBellJar

makes me remember the words from the song Blessings: "And is there a feeling of a greater thirst, this world can't satisfy?" We yearn for our heavenly home

"We should meet in another life/ We should meet in the air/ Me and you" -Sylvia Plath

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