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    East India Trading Company Flag by The Artwork Factory at Gilt

    Coat of the Honourable East India Company uniform: pattern 1830

    The East India Company Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nuts 200g The East India Company Ltd www.amazon.co.uk/...

    Suggested primary source - British East India Company

    The East India Company defends its trading monopoly on the title page of Thomas Stringer's journal of 1713.

    On April 27, British parliament passes the tea act in 1773. It gave the British east India company control over the tea trade. It created protests among the colonists which led to the boston tea party.

    East India Tea Company advertisement (c. 1870)

    In Morrocco Mint tea is the drink of choice, and has been for over 200 years.

    Green tea farm (by floridapfe, via Flickr)

    English employee of East India Company smoking a hookah. The English in India adopted some Indian customs, such as smoking a hookah.