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Baby hippo. Oh, yes.

Baby hippo

cute baby hippo

Baby animals <-- May I please have a baby hippo?

This is a Baby Hippo.

baby hippo! :)

baby hippo

Baby Hippo

hippo and tortoise aww

Baby hippo telling Momma a thing or two. lol A hippo can weigh over 2000lbs #babies #calves #hippopotami #hippopotamus #hippos #animals #wildlife

~~~hippo <3~~~

Baby Hippo


Baby hippo and his mama enjoying a nap ...so sweet <3 #baby #hippo

pygmy hippos. omg. i want one! :)

Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends

Baby Hippo: Despite looking like pigs, hippos are most closely related to cetaceans (whales, porpoises etc). A submerged, sleeping hippo automatically resurfaces to breathe every 3 -5 minutes and then sinks back without waking up. Their specific gravity allows them to sink to the bottom and walk or run along a river bed. <3

Baby Giraffes are cute too.

baby elephant


Babi & Mum