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Sister Corita Kent posters from the 1968 Pilgrim Press book from modernsquirrel.ca

Campagne affichage, décembre 2012 ©Peter Lippmann, Agence Air Paris


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Snow Patrol

A visualization of every palette used in 15 years of Wired Magazine cover art. This is every magazine issue before June 2008 in chronological order, with each circle displaying the main colors of the cover it represents.

Simon Page


ettore sottsass

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by Miriam Olszewski

poster for the D& AD President’s lectures by Peter Saville (2008)

I love the use of circles in this layout and how they popout via the colour over black and white but they also fall into the background when looking at the layout at a whole because of the use of text on top


astron bar posters: by stefanos michaelides

axient posters / mike mcquade

RASMUS ÖSTGARD OHLSON, ACID POSTER: poster on the theme 'forbidden' for the annual poster competition by the swedish screen printers association.