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Balloon Display Ideas

by Kathy Adams
When it's time to celebrate, it's time to break out the balloons -- just a few for a low-key gathering, or a full-on balloon bonanza for a large festivity. Simply throwing a few helium balloons into a corner may bring the idea across that it's time to celebrate, but such a display is far more drab t...

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balloon decorations without helium. Smart since there is a global helium shortage and people really need to stop using helium for parties

DIY No-helium balloon decoration - You need a tripod (mine is a 20 inch steel plate welded pipe ) And 10 balloons. Blow up the balloons, until they are almost hard. Tie one of each color, and put the cross on top of each other. Use organza ribbon to fill in gaps

Balloons and balloon sticks instead of helium for birthday party balloons.

www.BalloonUtopia... - Sandi Masori, "America's Top Balloon Expert", from Balloon Utopia in San Diego, answers your questions. One of the most...

Balloons without helium. Cute idea

balloon a threaded needle through the tied end of the balloon to string them together - no helium required + can be made ahead of time.

how to make a balloon arch without helium - Google Search

upside down balloons: no helium needed. Slide a marble into the balloon before blowing it up, then suspend from ceiling with scotch tape, maybe poster tack - play dough stuff.

balloon arch..simple enough..just need lots of helium and balloons and some fishing line ;-)

DIY flower balloons ♥ Eye catching & with no helium VERY cheap! (Use purple polka dot and yellow center)

how to decorate with balloons without helium - Google Search