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Use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground ♥

Great site for Party Balloon Decorations and Ideas

Rainbow Party Balloons

Hanging balloons and garland- put a penny inside before you blow it up so it hangs better!

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Put a Glow stick in a balloon before you blow it up...great for night time parties! ♥

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Great Idea - Line the ceiling with balloons

Picture Balloon Surprise: Fill 30 balloons with helium and attach a ribbon with a photo for each year of the person’s life at the end of the balloon.  Gather them all together (I used the bed for photo support) in any room in your house and wait for the birthday surprise.

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*BALLOON LOLLIPOPS* Bright balloon pops, cellophane-wrapped wall candy, and a game-inspired pathway make for party decorations that look good enough to eat.

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